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After grassroots pressure and backlash the Fallin administration finally decided to reject the $54 million Health Insurance Exchange Federal Grant.  Causing further uproar from Oklahoma grassroots conservatives the administration had announced plans to continue developing the Health Exchange without Federal moneys.

Today in the news opposition to the continued implementation of Healthcare Exchanges (a cornerstone piece of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) has reports of a reprieve.  The administration reports that for now they are going to table attempts to create the health exchanges but will study the issue during the interim.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislative leaders signaled surrender, at least for now, on the issue of insurance exchanges Wednesday, announcing the creation of a special joint committee on the matter and the shelving of all related legislation.

Don’t for a minute think this is over.  Our State executive and legislative branches are certainly better than most but there are still many that look to government for answers.  Watch for the return of legislation regarding Health Insurance Exchanges next session.

It’s up to us to hold our elected officers accountable and force them to stand against Federal and even State overreach in our lives.