I have to admit that it was very enjoyable hearing so many of the candidates on stage channeling Ron Paul in this debate. Pay attention to what they are all saying and it is inescapable that they are adopting, or at least paying lip service to the principles Ron Paul has been promoting for years.

It’s even funnier because four years ago these views were consistently mocked and marginalized. Of course while many are sounding more like Paul most are still more worried about good sounding rhetoric than actual discussion of our problems. Then again, I think they give us what we want. Despite our claims of being tired of the same ole political junk most of America seems to keep favoring and clamoring for more of the same in our candidates.

Certainly not everyone around here likes Dr. Paul as much as I do but I hope that everyone will consider how he has stuck to his principles through thick and thin. Not only has he stuck to his guns in sharing his understanding of our problems time is proving him right.

Warning about the housing bubble 5 years before it burst, speaking out against TARP and other bailouts, shining light on the private banking institution that is the Federal Reserve, Rep. Paul has been a principled well educated sage on many issues while others were chuckling, ignoring, or even denying the problems existed.

We need more statesmen like Dr. Paul. In a time where everyone understands how most politicians only pander and say one thing while doing another he is an example of an honest principled statesman. No, he is not a charismatic smooth talking politician that breaks things down into shallow sound bites. Instead he tries to actually engage in informing and educating the American public as to the underlying issues. Many don’t understand or worse, don’t care to understand the information and principles he shares while others misconstrue and misrepresent.

I’m not saying vote for Ron Paul (though that would be nice). I’m just asking that we look deeper and expect more principle and real discussion from those that come before us for elected office. If we don’t we will keep getting more of the same even while our two party system keeps driving voters into disgust and apathy.