Fellow Republicans,

Just a late update on our last meeting June 13th.  Connie Parnell from the Election Board gave us an update on new voting procedures.  Everyone will need an ID to be able to vote-can be Drivers’ License, credit card, etc. New voting machines will be used.

Lisa Pinnick reported on the work she and Shannon Grimes have been doing on our website. If you haven’t visited it lately, you should do so.  She said when they get through it will be even much better. Thanks to both of you for all your work.
Mark Costello, State Labor Commissioner, was our speaker for the evening.  He told of the changes that he had made in the office since taking over, and all of the cost saving changes that he has made.

Because we will need money for the upcoming elections the following suggestion has been made. Each of us could make direct deposits to the Cherokee County Republican Party. Our account would grow and we would be able to support our candidates.  To do this, take a voided check to your band and indicate your wish to direct deposit an amount to the Cherokee County Republican Party account at First State Bank.   They will expedite the deposit.  Forms are available to help with this transaction.  These forms will be available at our next meeting and on our website.

Jerry Brown said we need 12 election board workers, including alternates.
If you are interest contact Jerry at 918-457-4032.

Stephen Dyer, the Pastor/Patriot, who made a presentation at our meeting this spring entitled “Transforming a Nation”, will be sharing this message again on Wednesday, June 29th, 6:00p.m. at the First Baptist Church, 201. N. Commercial Rd.  If you would like to hear him again, or would like for a family member, friend, or neighbor to hear him, please pass this information along.  The public is invited.

Have a great holiday.

See you at the July meeting.

Gary Gore
CCRP Chair