I am writing to inform you of my candidacy for District 2 US Congress. This decision has taken much time, prayer and counsel and my sense of call to run for this office is something I cannot run from. I have not had a press release at this time but will within the next 30 days. I have spoken to many people already about this decision and I have received tremendous support and encouragement from them. I hope that your support for me during last years run for state house will continue in my campaign for US Congress.

The one thing that will certainly set me apart from other candidates is the fact that I am repeating the same thing our founding fathers said after writing the Constitution. Though many of our fathers said it, allow me to quote Benjamin Franklin: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

I echo that truth by saying that if our leaders do not return to morals and virtues, no matter what plan they have, it will never succeed. Our founding fathers knew it and said it. Now we are experiencing the devastation from that truth. Truth is not always loved, but truth always proves true.

Issues that must be addressed and fixed such as illegal immigration, implementing a balanced budget amendment, deep spending cuts, shrinking government and keeping taxes low will certainly help stabilize our government, but without moral leadership, it will only be pie in the sky.

Your support in last year’s campaign gave conservatives a percentage never achieved before. I need your help again. First I’m asking you to inform others of my decision in hopes of obtaining their support as well. Second, I’m asking you to volunteer in whatever way you are able. It will take hard work and sacrifice on all our parts. Allow me to paraphrase George Washington, “The greater the battle, the greater the victory!” Thirdly, I am asking that you would support me financially. Covering 26 counties will require a tremendous amount of money and I cannot do it on my own. I promise to work hard for you. Will you help me in return?

Thank you for all you do to help your fellow Americans hold on to our freedom.

Pastor Dwayne Thompson
District 2 US Congress 2012