I recently come across a very amusing if discouraging video that sadly reflects the attitudes of so many Americans regarding moneys received from the government. Now, this particular video reflects some constituents of President Obama but I want to point out that the attitude reflected can really be seen across America with people of all parties succumbing.

Where does the money come from? When we get a government check, a grant, a subsidy, or other assistance… Where does the money come from?

1) It is taken from someone else.


2) It is created out of thin air.

These are the two basic very simplified answers. The first is not necessarily bad depending on the how and why it is taken from others and no doubt most of us were disagree on which “hows” and “Whys” are appropriate. The second, well it literally is inflation of the money supply which leads to lowering the value of each unit of money over time. It certainly benefits those that get the new money first but as it trickles through the system and does it’s damage in the end it is those who can least afford it that pay the price.