Like them or not there is a slew of presidential debates this September. There was the Freedom Forum put on in South Carolina by Senator DeMint on the 5th and the NBC Reagan Library Debate on the 7th (CLICK TO WATCH).

Upcoming we have a CNN Teaparty Express debate on the 12th. That’s right, set your recorders because we also have a meeting that night. Then at the end of the month we have Fox news putting on a debate on the 22nd.

By far the best format I’ve seen so far was DeMint’s Freedom Forum. You can find a link to watch it HERE. The candidates were brought on stage one at a time and asked questions. They were given a great deal of leeway and time to answer so that they could delve into more substantive answers. Of course, that did not stop all the talking point rhetoric. It did give more of a chance to get beyond it for those who chose to do so.

The Rick Perry show, aka the NBC Reagan Library debate I think showed pretty clearly who NBC wants us to choose :). About halfway through I was thinking to myself I would cheer and be tickled if those other candidates would just walk off the stage saying they had better things to do than stand there and watch Perry and Romney talk (Yeah, mostly Perry).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t generally expect to gain any real substance or information from these “debates”. Debates they are not, and I doubt many up there could get beyond talking point rhetoric long enough to have an actual substantive debate. But then, how many Americans are asking for substance?