Kaye Beach

A Faustian Bargain is a deal with the devil. The stories vary but the gist of them all is that you exchange something terribly precious for what turns out to be in the long run, no more than ashes and that’s too bad because once the deal is struck there is no going back.

The first committee hearing on Federal Health Care Reform Law will be held tomorrow Sept. 14 at the Oklahoma State Capital in the House Chamber beginning at 9 AM. It is the first of five hearings to be held through November.

What is the he purpose of these hearings?

According to our elected representatives;

[Sen. Stansilawski] “Oklahoma patients, taxpayers, businesses, health practitioners, insurers and others all have wide-ranging questions and concerns about this largely unwanted new federal law. The law will affect all Oklahomans, some in significant ways, so this committee will seek to address all relevant questions and concerns for the benefit of all Oklahomans.”

[Senator] Bingman said he wants to assure “health care choices, not mandates.” In today’s statement, he characterized the upcoming hearings as “an opportunity for Oklahoma to assert our state’s rights and I’m confident all stakeholders will rise to the challenge so we can avoid dangerous federal mandates wherever possible.”

[Speaker of the House] Kris Steele said, “The committee will explore all possibilities for putting forth Oklahoma solutions that support a free market health care system.” Continue Reading Here…