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Committee website.

On Wednesday, May 9th Senator Bill Brown (R-Broken Arrow) left a
message on my voice mail indicating his concern about the direction
taken by our Senate Republicans. He asked me to call him on Thursday,
so I complied that afternoon and was I really pleased with the good
Senator’s valid concerns and honesty as he confirmed what so many of
the close observers have come to realize about the performance of the
majority of Republicans in the legislature.

He told me strait out that the Republicans are simply LYING to the
voters in Oklahoma. He said, when we run for office, we tell the
voters we want to reduce the size of government and cut taxes, but in
reality we spend like the Democrats and change is way too slow as we
govern much in the same way as the Democrats did for the past 100

Senator Brown indicated that he recently sent a letter to every
Republican Senator expressing his disappointment for the reality of
the situation and his frustration with his colleagues. At that point,
I asked Senator Brown if he was willing to take the heat and allow me
to re-publish his letter in this week’s e-mail? He said absolutely and
that he would bring the letter to our meeting, which occurred this
past Wednesday. When he arrived I asked him if he were willing to
allow that portion of our meeting to be video recorded to be seen on
you tube and he agreed. To see that portion of our meeting log on to:

I believe the only way to make change is for the citizens to become
informed and more aware of what is going on in Oklahoma. If Republican
lawmakers are going to insist on paying more attention to the big
government lobbyists and ignoring our platform and the issues
important to grass root citizens, then they must be replaced by better
lawmakers. Following is the letter sent by Senator Brown to his

“April 24, 2012

Senator …
Room …

Dear Caucus Members:

The issue of state budgeting has been bothering me for some time and I
feel the need to let everyone know my concerns.

Many of us ran for office on a platform of reforming government and
protecting the interests of taxpayers. After becoming the majority
party, I believe we are continuing to pass the same type of state
budgets as have been done for the past 100 years without reform of
state agencies.

I have proposed for several years that the legislature go to a state
budgeting process in which we would spend one session crafting a two
year budget. We could break the House and Senate into small committees
each formed to examine the budget of a particular agency or program.
All state agencies should be required to follow a zero based budget,
examining each item of their appropriation request. The following
session would be devoted to non-budget matters.

The legislature has forgotten one of the core tenets we proposed as
candidates-the appropriations required for our state to function, not
the use of taxpayer money to fund projects enacted decades ago without
examining each one and justifying its existence and funding
requirements. Located below are just some of the appropriated agencies
I believe need such examination and review:

Arts Council                         $4,101,087.00

OETA                         3,822,328.00

Physician Manpower Training Commission    4,379,254.00

Teacher Preparation Commission        1,526,179.00

Horse Racing Commission            2,072,167.00

Insurance Department (self funded)        1,871,937.00

J.M. Davis Memorial Commission          306,009.00

Will Rogers Memorial Commission          740,486.00

Consumer Credit Commission          331,730.00

Space Industry Development Authority      394,589.00

Rural Economic Action Plan                 11,500,000.00

Telecommunication Audit & Hiring Reform  8,400,000.00

I believe that unless we look at the way we spend taxpayer money, we
will continue to be challenged by opponents more fiscally conservative
than we have proven to be.



Sen. Bill Brown”

Senator Brown should be applauded for his courage and honesty. I am
sure many of his colleagues will not be happy that an ever larger
number of citizens are becoming informed as to the games the moderate
Republicans play with the serious issues of the day. The members and
friends of OCPAC are always looking for fiscally conservative
candidates to run against these game playing, big government loving,
moderate Republicans!

Charlie Meadows