“How did I get here.  How did we get here?”   It is a sentiment I have been hearing asked time and again by people looking at the problems our nation faces.   How have things gotten so far down the the wrong road?

Economic woes, a government spending more than it has,  printing and borrowing money that it doesn’t have, decreased regard for our privacy and property, taking the power to assassinate and detain Americans without due process, creating federal healthcare systems, spy drones flying over our cities and homes, police using forfeiture laws for profit acting like thugs and bandits, the list goes on and on.

People all over are rising up and saying “No More!”  They are saying they are tired of the same old same old politicians with their empty words.  They say we need to hold our officials accountable, that we need to ask the tough questions, that we need to stand on and fight for principles.

It is a rising theme I am seeing in Republican and conservative circles.  We heard it at our State convention from Bob Anthony for which he rightfully received warm applause.  We’ve heard it from candidates locally and across the nation.  We even heard it at our county meetings of the Republican party and Cherokee county republican women this month.

Time and again we have seen the head nods of agreement, the cheers, and the amens to the sentiment of standing on principle, accountability, and stopping politics as usual.

But then the dissonance sets in as we observe the political march forward.  In the march towards victory political pragmatism rears its head beckoning us to not be so picky and principled.   The speeches we then hear are about unity, working together, coming together to support our team’s candidate even if they do not seem to have strong principles.  After all, it’s our team versus their team and we gotta win.

We see the discussions and arguments in favor of supporting the ‘lesser of evil’ candidates so that we can take control of government at the local, state, and national level.  Many decide not to support the more principled candidates because “they can’t win”, “I don’t want to throw my vote away”, and others such lines of thought.

We see questions and disbelief regarding those who will not line up to support the team simply for the sake of winning or in many cases, simply to get a worse candidate out of office.

This is where WE THE PEOPLE have erred.  We have been convinced to sacrifice principles on the alter of politics for the sake of winning.  Then, we find those we elect don’t cling to, live, and govern by the principles our party espouses.  We have created for ourselves a party that pays lip service to the Constitution, limited government, fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility while in fact creating new entitlements, doubling our national debt, growing more and more tendrils of government into our lives at all levels.

We have created our own monsters by selling out principles for political wins and in the process we have all lost the bigger more important fight to maintain Constitutional government and our freedom.

We as individuals and as a party must evaluate and begin standing up for our principles.  We must begin to stand on principles because in winning political contests without principles is costing us our nation.   We must be willing to hold the mirror up to ourselves and our officials asking the hard questions and holding ourselves and them accountable.  We can no longer afford to play the game of lesser evils as that will only continue the Status Quo, a path that will lead to our destruction.

To my friends and acquaintances in the party that are scared, confused, and left scratching their heads at the R3volution now growing in our party across our nation I say,  this is our purpose.  We are here to hold each other, our party, and our officials accountable to principles we espouse as a party.  We will resist the principle destroying pragmatism that is leading to the destruction of our party and our nation.  We will strive to rebuild a principled backbone of governance.

We will not compromise our principles for victory.  It is far better for us to lose with principle than to win without.

Shannon Grimes, D.C.