It has been quite the eye opening experience these last several months being involved with party politics in Oklahoma.  I first got actively involved the last presidential election cycle and have been active in the party since.  I got involved due to the direction our country was and is heading feeling that it is my duty to at least try and make a difference in the party espousing my beliefs.

Then as now I have had many tell me I was wasting my time or ask what I thought I could accomplish.  To those I give the same answer, “It is good to do right even if it is likely doomed to failure.”  Thankfully I had found the skepticism unwarranted to a large degree.  That is, even though the party’s actions (particularly our candidates) had strayed so far from our beliefs, I found that I could have an impact on the process and make a difference.

Myself and many others had come home to the Republican party trying to bring it back to its ideals and holding it accountable for its espoused beliefs.  I was quite thankful to find many friendly people in my local party that welcomed my help and activity even though I had come into the party supporting Ron Paul.  Don’t doubt that there were disagreements and discussions, there were.  There was however always courtesy and respect in our relationship which made working together possible.

I’ve stayed engaged in party politics and grown even more so over the last 5 years.  I intend to continue that involvement even now after seeing more fully the dirty face of politics being revealed.  We’ve often heard that politics are dirty.  Many even think that politics are dirty.  After these past many months, and especially last few weeks I KNOW that politics are dirty.

What started as a fight in our state to get liberty minded activists elected as part of our At-Large delegation to Tampa soon turned into a fight over the very heart of Republicanism within our party.  The road I and many others have been on since then has ripped away the veil of honesty and legitimacy from the process of party politics revealing the ugly face of power beneath.  Seeing the extent to which those in power will go to hold power and suppress opposition has been an eye opening emotional roller coaster.

Violations of our state party and state convention rules lead us to challenge our state party before the RNC.  Understanding that the rules are there to protect the integrity of the process we naively hoped to find redress and accountability meted out by the RNC Challenges Committee.  I will not go into details here as others have well accounted the story of what we faced.  Oklahoma Disregards The Rules & Therefore The Delegates Are Challenged   By the time we were through with two hearings before the Challenges committee and one final appeal to the Credentials Committee we had learned that the RNC held no regard for party rules and were unable to deal with the issues at hand in a well reasoned manner.

This was born out by their ruling which basically amounted to “So they didn’t do it according to the rules.  Show us how following the rules would have made a difference”  followed by questions from the committee on issues unrelated to the actual challenge.  The OKGOP tried to and apparently successfully turned their breaking of the rules into a Ron Paul vs OKGOP issue in the minds of the Committee, totally distracting from the facts of the challenge.

One committee lady’s question to us amounted to “Why should RP get any delegates to the Convention when he did not break the 15% threshold to get delegates by OK state law?”  My mouth dropped at the ignorance inherent to such a question.  The challenge had nothing to do with the binding of delegates to candidates, Ron Paul or otherwise!  The 15% law was totally irrelevant to the case at hand and yet this kind of nonsense was what the committee dwelt upon in their deliberations, not that actual rules and integrity of the process.

Instead of dealing with the matter of the rules the Committee raised a new challenge to the Contestants.  They wanted us to prove the outcome of something that never happened.  As in, if we can prove that voting by the rules would have made a difference then they might see a need to enforce the rules!  How can you prove the outcome of a vote that didn’t happen I ask?

I started this piece right after the committee meetings to share with fellow grassroots activists and fellow republicans back home and elsewhere.  So much more has transpired since then shining light on the corruption that is in the leadership of our party.  From the challenges to the Maine delegation, ignoring the votes from the floor while pushing along with the convention script, to the rules the Chair declared passed when they were not.  There is so much more to share regarding this Sham of a Convention and it will be told.

We Republicans can not support or cooperate with this sort of corruption if we are to ever have hope in restoring our nation to the liberty once granted it by God’s grace.  To close for now I will share with you a slogan I saw on a button while down in Tampa.  RINO season is now officially open.