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What a whirlwind the 12 days have been. I discussed our impending appeal to the Credentials Committee a week and a half ago. Yesterday I put up a blog doing a general post about what happened. But, I wanted to go back through and address each day.

Since then, I’ve never had so many extremely late nights, with early mornings. So many nights and days of hard work to prepare for the convention. So many interviews. So many parties with Ron Paul supporters. I’ve never talked and yelled so much either. My voice is still thrashed!

But, to back things up…

The Credentials Committee met Friday, August 24th. There were 3 credentials appeals being heard that day: Maine, Oklahoma, & Oregon. As we waited for Credentials to start, I met Jay Lake from Nevada who I had been working very closely with regarding Ron Paul’s nomination for the past few months. Jay was also on the Credentials committee and was planning on helping us in the committee, so we had some things to discuss prior to the meeting. While we were waiting, I also met Eric Brakey & Brent Tweed from Maine. It was nice to put some faces to names that I had seen on Facebook.

Credentials started and Maine was the first appeal to be heard. It was nice to be able to be in there and listen to this before our case. Each side had 30 minutes to present their case and then the committee members could ask questions regarding the case. Maine took about 2 or 3 hours, but they ultimately agreed with the Committee on Contests.

This committee was a committee of 100+ delegates (2 from each state).  I thought they would use their brains and listen to the arguments being made before them. As I sat there and listened to the arguments against Maine, I was shocked. They were trying to unseat Maine for the *exact* reasons we had our contest against Oklahoma. Many delegates on the committee stood up for Maine, yet when the vote was taken, I was shocked to see the overwhelming majority who voted against Maine.

This committee of 100+ delegates voted to uphold the decision of 9 people on a Contest Committee. By doing this, they decided that 9 people from states other than Maine, should be the ones who decide the delegates for the people of Maine. They ruled that the voice of the people of Maine who rightfully elected all those delegates was worthless. Shocking. Do these people have brains? I mean, seriously. They were all so sheep like and could of cared less regarding the will of the people of Maine.

Even though I knew that the likelihood of Oklahoma winning in this committee was slim, I was hopeful because Maine was thrown out for the exact reasons we were trying to unseat Oklahoma. As much as I wanted Maine to be seated, I thought, “well, if this committee is going to be consistent, Oklahoma should be unseated and we should win.” Yeah, right.

Mike presented our case before the credentials committee, as Porter Davis wasn’t able to be there. Anna Flatt & I were there as witnesses if needed. Again, each side presented their case for 30 minutes and then it was opened up to the committee for questions.

Jay Lake, one of about 12 Ron Paul supporters who were on the committee, is the only one who stood up for us. Jay, you are our hero and will always hold a special place with us for what you did! Thank you so much. Not a single other member on the committee stood up to ask questions. Once Jay was done, someone just made a motion to accept the contest committee report regarding Oklahoma. So, so, shallow. They really don’t care. I know Maine would’ve stood for Oklahoma had they been seated, but they had just lost and therefore couldn’t participate on the committee anymore.

Even though I didn’t really expect a different outcome, I still had a small glimmer of hope. To see the last glimmer of hope completely disregarded, was very angering and discouraging. I cried my eyes out the rest of the afternoon.

The next day, Saturday, we held a delegate meeting in the parking lot of the fairgrounds outside of the PaulFest. Maine let everyone know that they were planning on offering an amendment to the Credentials report at the Convention on Tuesday to seat Maine’s delegation with the rightfully elected delegates.

In this meeting, they asked me to get up there to tell everyone what Oklahoma was planning. We had gone back and forth on trying to amend the credentials report. At that time, I said we were still thinking about it and I’d let them all know. The entire delegation of Maine was so, incredibly supportive of our plight. Because of them, it encouraged me to continue on and try to offer an amendment to the credentials report.

We talked with Eric & Brent from Maine to make sure that we would not jeopardize Maine being seated if Oklahoma also offered an amendment. We went back and forth on whether to do this or not. It was a very hard decision. Not because we didn’t want to keep fighting, but because of various technicalities. Wayne Terhune from NV was ready and willing to offer this amendment for us also.

I prepared the amendment with the list of names to replace the wrongfully elected delegates from Oklahoma and sent it down to the Convention floor (since I couldn’t go on the floor, due to not being seated) on Tuesday to get it into the hands of Brent, so that if things went well, he could offer it up. Ultimately no amendments would even happen. But, we were ready. More on how that exactly went in another post.

The support from Maine for Oklahoma’s case will not be forgotten. Eric, Brent, Ashley, Erin and the rest of Maine’s delegation, I can’t thank you all enough. I know I thanked you all multiple times this past week when we hung out. But, there is a special bond between Maine & Oklahoma because of what we went through these past couple weeks. To know that we are in this fight for liberty with you all, is so encouraging. We will continue on and by God’s grace, He will bless our efforts to change the terrible course this party is on. I’ve shed many tears this last week, but to have the support of you all, makes it so encouraging to continue on.

These words from the song written for the “Oklahoma Parking Lot Convention” have run through my head time and again the past 9 days.

And it’s a sad picture

The final blow hits you

They break their own rules and burn us again and

You know it’s all the same

Another time and place

Repeating history and you’re getting sick of it

We press on fighting for what is right in the Republican Party!

-Qadoshyah Fish