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We’ve all been through a lot the past week (or two, for some of us). It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I will put up some blog posts detailing exactly happened in the Convention, but below is a quick synopsis with my thoughts on where we go from here.

For some of us, like Maine & Oklahoma, it started a week before the actual Convention, with the Contest Committee. We all came down to fight for what was right. To fight for being seated. To make our voices heard. Yet, we were denied and turned away time and again.

Yet, we pressed on.

We pressed on to the Credentials committee. We stood tall and presented our cases again here, yet we were blatantly rejected. Rules were clearly rejected. The will of the people was disregarded.

A group of 9 people were the ones in charge of seating delegations with challenges. They cared not about rules being broken. All they cared about was which side the contest came from – was it from the Romney camp or the Ron Paul supporters?

If the arguments against a delegation came from the Romney, or I should say, establishment, side the contest committee and credential committee members would hear it and agree with it. If the same.exact.arguments came from the people who just happened to be Ron Paul supporters (as was the case with Oklahoma), they were thrown out.

Should this be a surprise to us? Not really, because we’ve seen so much corruption in the party up to this point as it is. Seriously, the entire reason we even had to be there for these contests was because of corruption in the party. If everything was run just and upright, we wouldn’t have been there presenting those cases.

We worked extremely hard for the Republican National Convention for months. Since May, it feels like that is all I’ve done. There were so many areas that had to be worked on. Whether it was from problems that arose in our state of Oklahoma, or national things that needed to be done – like the nomination of Dr. Paul – there was constant work.

When Tuesday finally came, the big day of the Convention, and everything was railroaded through, it was very disheartening. I stood there in utter disbelief and disgust for what I was witnessing.

I watched as this forum full of delegates asked for Maine to be seated. As the room called for Division. As the entire room called for a Point of Order regarding the Rules. But, everyone was completely ignored. It was as if the people on the stage had no idea anyone was in the forum screaming at them.

Like they were in a bubble of oblivion.

I mean, there are no words to describe how insane the people running this “convention” were.

It was also shocking to sit there and watch the establishment delegates dance to the jazz band they had playing at the breaks. They seemed so oblivious to all the serious things going on around them. So oblivious to the hours, days, weeks and months of work all of these Ron Paul delegates had put into this. It was as if all they were there for was to party (which it was).

This was not run as a convention. This was run as a pre-scripted, already coordinated and planned gathering. They happened to have people there who were supposed to be playing the role of delegates, but instead …. I don’t really know why they were there. The RNC never let them act in the way a delegate should be able to act: with a voice, and with a vote.

The horror continued as the roll call of the states came in and the speaker continually only counted the votes for Romney. It’s not like these votes were recorded secretly and no one knew how many votes each candidate received. No, each delegation chair announced to the world how their delegation voted. Yet, if a state went for Ron Paul, or even had a couple votes for him, they weren’t counted.

How blatant can you get? How about you just say Ron Paul was never in the race…because that’s the way the RNC acted!  They didn’t care he had never suspended or ended his campaign. Or, the fact that he was right.there.in.the.forum!  Or the fact that 6 states DID NOMINATE HIM!!

I hope the Republican Party realizes what they did here. They outright stripped the nomination from Dr. Paul. Whether he had enough delegates to win, doesn’t matter. He had enough states to be nominated and that is what counts.

Wayne from NV was waiting at the mic to nominate Dr. Paul, yet they never allowed the opportunity. So, instead he had to announce it when Nevada gave their votes. The RNC completely stripped the rights of those delegates who nominated the man who has fought for them for so long.

Do you realize how hard we all worked to get his name into nomination, just to have it be completely ignored!

How utterly and completely careless. Who do you think you are, GOP? It’s so sad to see that you would do something like this to a man who has fought for YOUR freedom for 30+ years. But, you don’t care.

He was a c-a-n-d-i-d-a-t-e still who actually had enough states to have his name placed into nomination and make this an actual convention! But, no…you would never want that, because then people might actually get to hear Ron Paul speak and change their minds.


This world is so messed up.

As I stood there and listened to all the garbage for those few hours on Tuesday when the “Convention business” was proceeding, it was all I could do to hold back from breaking down and bawling. I knew the likelihood of the Convention being completely railroaded was very high, but to see it first hand, it was a lot to handle.

I couldn’t hold it together after so long, so the tears kept coming.

I had an intense conversation with some women (“Establishment types”) after the proceedings had ended. I was sick of it all and I wasn’t going to sit there quietly and let these people go by and think this was the absolute greatest thing that had just happened.

How in the world does the Republican Party expect to win when our party cheats like this? When they just ignore their own rules? When they just script an entire convention? When they say the ayes have it, and indeed they don’t? When they completely ignore the voice of the delegates? When they don’t allow other nominations? When they don’t even count votes for other candidates, unless he’s their “already-won-because-it’s-scripted” candidate?

Yes, I am a Republican. But, I’m not going to sit quietly by as our Party railroads a national convention like this and makes themselves look like complete fools.

These women I talked to said, “oh, we don’t make ourselves look bad.” Really? Wow. If you think this party is all wonderful when they do things like what happened this week, you have some serious issues.

So, where do we go from here?

I know a lot of people left that day feeling like it was over (the Republican Party really killed themselves that day). People left saying they are done with the party. They are switching to another party. Or, they’ve given up completely.

While I understand exactly where these people are coming, I’m not about to give up.

What the Republican Party doesn’t realize, is that what they did to us (as in the People!) only united us to work harder to fix this party. It didn’t make us go away. From their point of view, they might be disappointed in our response to this.

Why? Because it united us and reenergized us all.

The following two days after that terrible day of Tuesday, August 28th, proved that. We united as a strong group and made our voices heard.

Don’t go away. Don’t give up. The only way we can continue to make a difference is to stay involved. Please stay involved in the Republican Party and let’s win it over to bring it back to where it should be – as a true constitutional & truly conservative party.

Get involved at the local level. You can make a difference. If all of us who care about freedom & the constitution leave, the Establishment will get what they want. They will win. The corruption that is so incredibly steeped in this party will only get worse. We made a dent in the Convention this week, because our numbers have grown so much.  If we stay involved, we can get stronger and we can root out the corruption that is in this party.

It’s going to take time and lots of work, but other states have already had success doing this. So, we all can do it by God’s grace.

That’s what we need to do. Who all is in it for the long haul with me?! Let’s go for it!

I think these lyrics from Jordan Page’s song Pendulum are apropos:

And the pendulum swings from the left to the right.

It’s momentum increases the need for the fight.

-Qadoshyah Fish