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Wow. Where do I begin with what happened on Tuesday? It was such a full day. Emotions were high.

After going to bed very late Monday night because of all the last minute strategy we were doing, we got up bright and early on Tuesday to head to the Oklahoma delegation hotel. We were planning on catching the bus to get into the Convention, but at the last minute were informed that only one bus was coming and delegates were to get on first. A second bus was supposed to be coming, but no one knew how long it would be before it arrived.

Once we got parked and walked into the Convention, we got situated up in the nose bleed area. The Convention came to order at 2pm. No order of business happened for a few hours.

There were two big problems with the new rules that the Rules Committee put together.  Rule 12 and Rule 15. A lot of delegations were against these new rules. Many of which were not even Ron Paul delegates.

A Virginia delegate who was on the rules committee was one of the biggest opponents to the new rules and he had a minority report to get it changed. But, for some reason, Virginia’s delegation bus was rerouted, making it so that they would not be there when rules was voted on. This meant that the Ron Paul campaign had to scramble and get enough signatures for a new minority report and get it submitted asap. I got a text from a friend telling me to come down to another floor of the convention to help get calls for signatures. So, down we went to the floor that Ron Paul’s campaign was on. Ron Paul walked right past me and I found myself working with the campaign to make calls for signatures from rules committee members.

I believe it was around 5pm when the actual order of convention business started. John Boehner was the convention chair. Credentials came first.

This is where things were to get interesting.

Remember all the talk of Maine amending the credentials report and then possibly putting a credentials amendment through for Oklahoma? Brent Tweed is Maine’s delegation chair, therefore he was ready at his microphone to offer the amendment.

But, Priebus never asked for amendments to the credentials. He just went on to approving the credentials report. So, obviously, MANY delegates from MANY states opposed the credentials report.

It was a voice vote. The ayes and nays were SO, SO, close. There was absolutely no way for the chair to know which one had it. But, shockingly the chair ruled the ayes had it.

Immediately there was Division called for by an extremely large amount of delegates – they were chanting “Division!”

When that fell on deaf ears, what seemed like the entire room started to chant “Seat Maine Now!” It was AWESOME. Awesome in the sense that we had such an enormous amount of delegates who wanted Maine seated that the Convention was actually stalled for a little while, because of the overwhelming chant. Yet no one cared.  I mean, the convention was entirely and completely out of order, the chair should’ve stopped and recognized the delegates.

The chair ruled that the ayes had it, as if nothing had just happened. Come on! It was shocking to watch.


During this time, Brent Tweed was calling for Point of Order, because he had a speech to give for an amendment to the credentials report. He was never recognized. Yet, he gave his entire speech, even though the microphone was never turned on for him. No one escorted him out, surprisingly. So, when his speech was finished, he walked out with the rest of Maine’s rightfully elected delegates.

Then came the adoption of the Convention rules. Again, a voice vote was taken on this. Everyone who was watching the video (and has since watched it) says the nays had it by 5-10%. If anything, it was not clear who had it and therefore a different vote should’ve taken place.


Yet again, the chair ruled the ayes had it (because it was already written in their script!), so a massive amount of delegates began to chant “Point of Order!” for a long while. We were really giving it to the Establishment! This went on for awhile. So much so, that Priebus wanted to just continue on and adopt the rules, yet he could not because this was so loud. So, instead he says “Please show respect.”

Seriously, dude? Priebus has the guts to ask an enormous body of delegates to show respect when he is just running right over the will of the delegation present, as if they are all robots!

I’ve heard the stories about the National Convention and how it’s very likely that we would have no success there, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. It was as if not a single delegate was present. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever for any of those delegates to be on that floor. It was already pre-written and scripted with what was going to take place. It would’ve been better for all those chairs to be filled with dummies, because that’s how the delegates were treated. The RNC didn’t care at all about the voice of the people who elected those delegates from each state. The RNC did whatever they wanted to do.

Platform was then done, which was pretty smooth and then came the nominations for president and vice president. It was explained that anyone can nominate a person for these positions, so they took nominations. A man got up there and gave a nomination speech for Romney.  And they acted as if they would open the floor up for other nominations.

I knew we had the states to nominate Ron Paul, so I was just waiting for the mic to be turned on for Wayne from NV to nominate Dr. Paul. But, it never came. The RNC just went into taking the roll call from each state.

This was such an absolutely sickening process. Each state delegation announced their results over the microphone and then a woman on stage would repeat the votes. But, she *never* recorded the votes each state had for Ron Paul. So. Absolutely. Sickening. The agenda she and the RNC had was obvious.

Iowa & Minnesota were absolutely awesome when they announced their votes. Yes, Ron Paul won those states outright. No questions about that. But, then the only votes repeated by the woman on stage were the couple for Romney. Come on, RNC. How much more in your face hatred for Ron Paul can you get?

Nevada gets its own recognition. I worked extremely hard for months with Jay Lake & Wayne Terhune from Nevada to get Ron Paul’s name into nomination. We were extremely successful. It was not an easy task in the slightest. When I heard Nevada announced as the next state to cast their votes, I was waiting in anticipation for what Wayne would say.

Wayne announced to the world that Ron Paul was nominated by 6 states. It brings me to tears just typing this out. I was so excited to hear Wayne tell this to the whole.entire.RNC and the world. We succeeded by God’s grace.  Wayne then went on to declare Ron Paul’s win from the delegates in Nevada.

It was the highlight of that time.


I will forever be thankful that I was able to be involved in this task of nominating the man who has fought for us for so long. We did everything we could. We fulfilled our duty as delegates for Ron Paul.  The RNC just did not care. The RNC rejected us. They put road blocks in our way, time and again, yet we were still able to get 6 states!

-Qadoshyah Fish