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There’s a discussion on the facebook group Making Friends Through Ron Paul talking about the RNC.

The thread is getting under my skin, because of everything I witnessed last week. But, there are a few points being made on there and I want to address them:

1) Ron Paul did not get cheated out of the nomination

This is a hard blow to those of us who worked very, very hard to get Ron Paul’s name in nomination. Ron Paul did get cheated out of the nomination and it goes way back.

All he needed was 5 states to have his name placed into nomination. That would’ve earned him a 15 minute speaking spot as a candidate. 6 states nominated Dr. Paul. Those nomination papers were submitted to the secretary of the RNC.

Ron Paul should’ve been able to speak for 15 minutes. But, the RNC does not care. They don’t care about cheating.

Had the RNC truly cared about the rules and allowing a fair process, Ron Paul would have had at least 9 states place his name into nomination. Those states were cheated out of that, because the RNC doesn’t follow the rules.

Maine had just enough of their delegates unseated so that they could not have a plurality for Dr. Paul. They had signed the form, but then the contest committee threw out half of Maine’s rightfully elected delegates. State #7.

Oklahoma should have had 25 at-large delegates unseated because they were not rightfully elected. Those 25 delegates would’ve been replaced with delegates who just happened to be Ron Paul supporters.  State #8.

Louisiana had their rightfully elected delegates unseated, just like Maine. Those unseated delegates just happened to be Ron Paul supporters also. State #9.

Those 3 states were cheated out of nominating Dr. Paul. It was very clear in the contest committee which side they favored – Mitt Romney. They didn’t care about the rules that were broken at these various conventions or why these contests were present. All they cared about was making sure Mitt Romney was nominated – even if it took breaking the rules.

The 6 states who DID nominate Dr. Paul were cheated out of it, because the RNC never allowed for his name to be placed into nomination. They never opened the floor for other nominations.

If Ron Paul had been given the 15 minute speaking slot, the entire convention could have been different.

I witnessed what happened at the Texas State Convention when Dr. Paul was able to speak. People came out of that Convention saying “I was duped.” Just being able to hear Ron Paul speak for a few minutes changed people’s minds. I’m convinced that if he would have been able to speak, the hearts and minds of delegates there could’ve been changed.

And Dr. Paul could’ve potentially won the nomination.

But, instead the RNC cheated, broke their own rules time and again and scripted the entire thing to insure that Mitt Romney got the nomination.

2) Santorum & the other candidates are the ones who got cheated out of the nomination

Sure, I can see the argument that Santorum got cheated because his name wasn’t placed into nomination and he won so many states. But, ultimately it doesn’t come down to how many states the candidate won in the primaries, but it comes down to how many states signed the presidential nomination form and submitted that to the secretary of the convention.

We did try to get Santorum nominated. I know people (Ron Paul supporters) in my state tried to get Rick Santorum nominated in Oklahoma, because we were unable to nominate Ron Paul. We tried this in multiple states. But, it failed.

Santorum’s delegates could’ve stood up and fought to get him the nomination, as we did with Ron Paul. But, where were they? They had been deceived into believing Mitt Romney had to be the nominee.

There’s a difference between Santorum’s delegates & Ron Paul delegates. We fought hard up until the last possible minute. We did everything in our power to get those nomination papers signed and turned in. And we had success.

So, I ask again, where were Santorum’s supporters? If they really wanted to have a chance, “all” they had to do was get that nomination paperwork in.

3) The rules change didn’t cheat Ron Paul people, but cheats all GOP voters.

This I agree with. The new rules cheat all GOP voters and all people who may want to be delegates in the future.

Those of us in the liberty movement have a big voice. We are well organized. We are motivated. We are here to change this party for the better.  If we want to be involved again as delegates, the candidate who is the potential nominee now has the authority to remove us as delegates because we don’t agree with him. That is bad news. This cheats everyone and should have never been passed.

The bottom line is that Ron Paul’s delegates were cheated out of participating in the process. Ron Paul was cheated out of a 15 minute speaking spot. His delegates were cheated out of being seated. The list goes on.

I witnessed what happened last week. What was done to Ron Paul wasn’t right. What was done to Ron Paul’s delegates wasn’t right. We were cheated. He was cheated. There’s no other way to explain what happened last week.

-Qadoshyah Fish