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What we witnessed at the Republican National Convention the end of August was certainly an interesting story.

Monday evening, Oklahoma’s National Committeewoman, Carolyn McClarty spoke at our county meeting.

The issues that happened at our National Convention can be a hard situation to talk about, because it wasn’t all pretty. But, I believe Dr. McClarty did an excellent job of laying the facts out for people to understand what happened. I will do my best to share what she went over.

Dr. McClarty was on the platform committee at the RNC, so she had to go down to Tampa a week before the Convention. She was pleased with the platform that was put together. She said a plank was put in against Obamacare. It is one of the most conservative platforms the Republican Party has had.

Then Carolyn went on to talk about the rules changes. She talked about how the RNC Standing Rules committee has put lots of thought and work into the rules presented to the RNC Convention Rules Committee. The Convention Rules committee doesn’t have as much time to address rule changes. So, that made it easy for Ben Ginsberg, who Carolyn noted is Romney’s attorney, to push through a large amount of new rule changes.

Carolyn noted that Mr. Ginsberg came well prepared to shove through all these new rules. She was not happy with the rule changes – both Rule 15/16 and Rule 12. She said it was “egregious” to have a rule that would allow a presidential candidate to unseat duly elected delegates. This, therefore removes the will of the people of each state. She also noted that the rule changes completely run over the grassroots.

Dr. McClarty worked quickly to try to change these rules while in Tampa. Within a short amount of time, she was able to work to get an emergency meeting together of the RNC Standing Rules committee to address these issues. Ultimately it took them a few days to address these issues, and Carolyn was glad that the Convention was postponed for a day due to the storm, so that they could address the rule changes.

She noted that Rule 16 was changed, although it was still not the greatest rule. But, Rule 12 was not changed.

Carolyn spoke of Morton Blackwell, from Virginia, who had the Minority Reports. She talked about the bus transportation issues and how he was unable to present the Minority Report. Mr. Blackwell stated in his letter, which Dr. McClarty quoted on Monday evening, “One should not attribute to conspiracy what can adequately be explained by incompetence.” She read that quote and really left it up to the audience to decide for themselves why exactly his bus had such major transportation issues.

She spent much of the time discussing the rule problems and how that went down. She also noted the vote on the rules at the Convention and how the chairman had read a teleprompter.

Because she said it was “egregious” to have a rule which would allow a campaign unseat duly elected delegates, I asked her what she thought of what happened in Maine. By her answer I could tell she was not well educated or informed on the case, and she just answered with what she had heard while in Tampa.

Overall, Carolyn gave a very fair and unbiased report about what happened at the National Convention. I appreciated her openness on discussing the rules issues and who pushed those bad new rules through. As I told her Monday night, thank you for giving a good report & simply stating the facts, about what happened at the Convention.

-Qadoshyah Fish