The Cherokee County GOP Convention was Saturday, March 16th at 10am. The duty of this convention was to elect the delegates going to the State Convention, as well as County Officers and address any resolutions passed at the Precinct levels. You can view the coverage of the County Convention from the Tahlequah Daily Press here.

The County Convention had a record turnout of 81 delegates, not including guests (which put the number well over 100). This is an amazing number of participants for such a small county.


Senator Inhofe made a surprise visit to the Convention.


Qadoshyah Fish spoke on the Resolution against the RNC rule changes that were passed in Tampa, FL. This Resolution was on the convention agenda because it was passed at the Precinct level. A friendly amendment was made to pass Carolyn McClarty’s version of the resolution.


There are 6 new County Officers for Cherokee County.

Chair: Shannon Grimes

Vice Chair: Qadoshyah Fish

State Committee Members: Michael Stopp & Ezriyah Fish

District Committee Members: Jesse Dickinson & Ronnie Hopkins



The new County Officers want to thank the outgoing County Officers for their service these last few years. We look forward to continue working with them, growing the Party in Cherokee County and educating the people of Cherokee County.