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“I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism”- Reagan

These days we find many in the party concerned about “libertarians” getting involved, particularly due to where they fear these liberty loving Republicans may stand on social issues.

Make no mistake, the Republican party is the correct home for these Constitutionally minded activists.

Due to their belief in limited and local government they often find themselves characterized as people just wanting to have legal dope and prostitution.

This is where the fear ends up being misplaced.  Very often those same Republicans are as or more socially conservative than those that fear and misunderstand them.

Standing against government involvement in personal matters and behaviors becomes misunderstood as advocating those bad behaviors.

So often lost in the tangle is that these “libertarian” Republicans are actually advocating and fighting for the very principles of our Republican platform; limited government, keeping government out of our lives, personal responsibility, etc…

So the next time you see a Republican advocating against or wanting to limit government involvement on things like religion, schooling, drug use, marriage, and more, take a moment to ask that person if they are wanting those bad behaviors or if they just want government our of our lives leaving family, friends, and churches to deal with the social ills.

You just might be surprised to find that those folks actually personally do agree with you on social issues.

Shannon Grimes, D.C.
Chair, Cherokee County Republican Party