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As we scream and yell and show our outrage about the unconstitutional spying on Americans by the Obama administration we as Republicans should take a moment to look in the mirror.

Which of our legislators supported the laws that gives the presumed legal right to spy on us?

Who among us was outraged when President Bush was using the same or similar spying with his warrantless wiretapping in the name of security?

We have to be better than only being outraged when it is the “other team” doing the wrong.

The same is true for the Democrat party.  Where are the anti-war activists when it is their team doing the drone bombings?  Where are the civil liberties fighters when it is their team in charge of doing wrong?

This truly is not a partisan issue.  This is an matter of Liberty vs Tyranny and we as people had better wake up to that reality.

Shannon Grimes, D.C.
Chair, Cherokee County Republican Party