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I got this from Linda Murphy
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Dr. Robert Sommers was appointed by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to serve as her Cabinet Secretary of Education and Workforce Development today- July 16, 2013..Sommers is the CEO of Carpe Diem Learning Systems, a public funded for-profit charter school system set for national expansion. In April he was picked to head Oklahoma’s statewide Vocational/ Career Technology System where he will remain.

Fallin says his new position as Cabinet Secretary “has been expanded to include workforce development with the education secretary’s duties to help ensure all students, including adult students, are given skills to find and keep high-skill, high-paying jobs”. As Secretary of Education, he will also assume the new office of Educational Quality and Accountability -EQA which monitors the Education Department’s programs to ensure local school districts are performing in accordance with State standards.

So in essence Sommers will be in charge of student, teacher and school accountability aligning with Common Core State Standards. He will also be in charge of implementation of the Oklahoma Teacher Preparation Act and monitor the accountability of these changes which will be aligning with Common Core as well.

State Superintendent Barresi has recently renamed Common Core standards -Oklahoma Academic Standards in a marketing campaign which is a response to the growing protest from teachers and parents finding out more about Common Core. Read on to see why Dr Sommers says educators “haven’t even begun to realize the tsunami of change coming their way in the next few years.”

Dr. Sommer’s Carpe Diem Learning Systems is modeled after Arizona’s Carpe Diem Public Charter School, which he says “serves as the inspiration for our academic model”.

In 2011 Janet Barresi, State Superintendent, praised the Carpe Diem model. Barresi said “Oklahoma schools can learn a lot from an Arizona school with 350 students and only six teachers. Barresi, a Norman resident, talked about the Carpe Diem secondary school in Yuma, Ariz……” –August 12, 2011 Norman Transcript reports..

The following quotes tell more about Dr. Sommers design model for Schools:

“Sommers is chief executive officer/managing partner of Carpe Diem Learning Systems, the organization created to grow the high-performing, cost-effective Carpe Diem model nationally. The model uses digital content (via computer) and teaching faculty to create a personalized blended learning education experience. Sommers was responsible for opening a Carpe Diem school in Indianapolis.”

Quotes from Dr. Sommers -Ohio State Education Monopoly will Crumble Soon Expert Says -Sept. 18, 2012

“My goal at Carpe Diem Learning Systems is to design a “central office” that can effectively support 1,000 schools with a staff of less than 100. Outsourcing will be critical to our efforts.”

Q: How feasible will it be, politically or legally? (Sommers) A: “Politically, it is a tough sell for now, but in five more years, it will be a hard sell why a school district hasn’t done more”.

“Very few educators are even beginning to consider this. All the major educational organizations, institutions, and development environments haven’t even begun to realize the tsunami of change coming their way in the next few years.”

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