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The topic of saying the Pledge of Allegiance or not has come up many times over the past few months here in our County. The issue has come up because there are some individuals, myself included, who do not recite the pledge of allegiance. Certain individuals have taken offense to this, because the pledge of allegiance is so accepted and so entrenched in our society. Many people do not know the history behind the pledge of allegiance and the reasons it has been pushed into our culture.

So my cousin, Jesse Dickinson, the District Committeeman for our County, addressed this issue at one of our monthly meetings recently. Jesse used to say the pledge of allegiance, but does not anymore. So, he goes through his reasons as to what brought him to stop saying the pledge. We had some technical delays in getting this up, but it is finally up online.

Kudos to Jesse for a job well done in presenting his side!

Qadoshyah Fish