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It’s been one year this month since I and several other Oklahoma state delegates contested the OK GOP’s state delegation elected at the OK State Convention on May 12, 2012. The process in Tampa at the RNC started on August 20th, when we presented our case in front of the RNC Committee on Contests. They ruled against us (big surprise – NOT), and so we contested it to the Credentials Committee, which met on August 24th.

You can read more about this at, Oklahoma Delegate Battle due to OK GOP Disregarding the Rules.

It had been a long, hard week (actually weeks with all the preparation) bringing this contest to the RNC. My status update on Facebook one year ago today – August 24th, was this,

Sigh….I’ve been crying for an hour now :(. I didn’t expect the credentials committee to rule in our favor, but to see complete and utter disregard for rules and all…well, it can be discouraging. The fight was necessary tho and well worth it.

I had so many responses and so many comments to this post that it was very encouraging. My mom’s response, though, was my favorite of all,

Take heart, dear daughter, the battle for truth will never be over. The 2 things that people say shouldn’t be talked about are religion and politics. In these 2 areas we have learned that the battle for truth is not an easy one, not a well liked one by the majority, not something that the masses want to hear about, BUT we fight on, we press on and we speak the truth despite the results we see around us. I love you!

I remember where we were in those months from May 2012-August 2012 with all the political happenings. We felt so strongly that this was the right thing to do. And, it was the path God took me on and had me stand for the truth in this situation.

We did this because, as I wrote on our drive down to Tampa, FL on August 18th,

 …I am going through all of this with the committee on contests because the truth must stand and I want justice to prevail.

If this was a case in the court of law, we would have already won. It’s not a hard case. Yet, we are dealing with a party that doesn’t blink an eye about injustice. So, I have trust and hope in God that He will bring us through this and let the truth prevail.

I believe in miracles.

That’s the best way to sum it up.

I’m fighting hard because the lives of many depend on this. The lives of our soldiers. The lives of unborn babies. The lives of innocent men, women & children. The lives of American citizens. The lives of my brothers & sisters. The lives of my family & friends.

At the time we already knew about the sad state affairs of the Republican Party, as I wrote in the same post above on our drive to Florida,

The Republican party shows us yet again they don’t care. They don’t care about rules. They don’t care about being fair. They don’t truly care about changing the horrible course our nation is on. They don’t care about who the troops want in office. They don’t care. And it disgusts me.

But, I wanted to give it one more go, for the reasons mentioned above. Knowing what I know now though and seeing the utter depth of the cold, heartless, uncaring, unloving Republican Party, I would not do this again. Since the RNC in 2012, the complete and utter disregard of the rules, the total sham of a ‘Convention,’ & the complete lack of love, care & justice from the Republican Party has continued to show. Maybe, part of it, is because I was so involved for awhile there and it has become increasingly clear to me.

We have a Party full of politicians who do not uphold their Oath to the Constitution, who don’t blink an eye at sending our sons & daughters to die in unnecessary wars, who have no spines to stand up for the lives of our babies who are being murdered by the thousands every day, and who have no compassion on the lives of people who are refused life saving medical treatments, simply because it’s not ‘FDA approved.’

This is a Party that is supposed to stand for ‘Limited Government’ & ‘Freedom’, yet they cannot even achieve that at the Republican National Committee level. If they can’t even stand for justice, truth, and love at the RNC level, this Party is in bad, bad shape. The way the RNC is run: supporting lies, no justice & no care, is how many of the Politicans are who come out of this Party. Obviously, since the various levels of “authority” in the Party are complete hypocrites, they cannot even call out those who stray from the principles this Party is supposed to stand for.  Therefore, it just continues to spiral down a disgusting path.

The Republican Party does not listen to the voice of the people and they don’t care. This is why I have come to the conclusion that I would not spend the energy doing what I did last year. Because we are dealing with a Party that doesn’t even blink an eye about injustice.

I realize that many people may be taken back by this post coming from the Vice Chair of a County Republican Party. While the local Party can have a better voice and control of the message that is spread, if the office holders have strong, steadfast principles, the levels above them are corrupt. Oklahoma has a State Chair that believes, “True freedom is doing what you ought to do. False freedom is doing what you want to do.” You don’t have to go very far in the levels of the Republican Party to see the hypocrisy and lies.

It is likely that I will (and have) upset people with my strong words, but the Truth hurts.  I care for our soldiers who are dying as they are sent to useless wars. I care for the lives of unborn babies who are aborted by the thousands. I care for the lives of my brothers, sisters, family, friends and all of you – my fellow citizens. And, so, I will continue to speak out, both through my local Party and outside of it, however I can, to expose wrong doings and to speak on behalf of those who have been shunned and silenced. Whether it is for the unborn babies who are killed each day, for our troops who are sent to wars carelessly to die for an unjust cause, or for those who are denied life saving treatment because Politicians (including many Republicans) are too cold hearted to care.