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This is not the first time I have publicly criticized Dave Weston, our state chair, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

Just a few months ago, I wrote a post addressing Mr. Weston’s false view of Liberty. Need a reminder on what his view of Liberty is? Check out this quote:

There are a lot of people pushing the wrong kind of Liberty in our State. Liberty is not doing what you want. It is doing what you should.

Obviously, Oklahoma’s State GOP Chair is starting off on the wrong platform. His platform stands on a false sense of liberty, which ends up being authoritarianism.

This false platform fits perfectly with Mr. Weston’s statement at the Wagoner County GOP meeting last night (Thursday, Nov. 7th):

You cannot criticize your officials or the candidates in the party. You must support them with a smile on your face, and if they are the lesser of two evils go with them…you need to smile and go along in order for us to get back on track…

In other words: Let’s be hypocrites! Mr. Weston is encouraging people in the Oklahoma Republican Party to not only be hypocrites, but to not speak the truth. This is so authoritarian, it’s not even funny! Completely disgusting.

So, let’s lay out *just one* example of what we are not supposed to be doing:

Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin actively supports the use of drones in Oklahoma. The Governor takes an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States & Oklahoma when she is sworn in. Yet, in this one instance, Governor Fallin has now voided her oath by violating the 4th Amendment, which protects the privacy of the people.

Governor Fallin does not uphold the oath to the Constitution, so I will call her out on it. Because she happens to have an “R” by her name, does that mean I now must be quiet and not speak the truth about her? Absolutely not, I will speak out against her unconstitutional actions, which go against the people of Oklahoma.

Mr. Weston, telling us “if they are the lesser of two evils go with them” & that we “need to smile and go along in order for us to get back on track” is the exact reason we are in this situation to begin with.

Just look at America: We’ve had one generation after another accepting the “lesser of two evils” because they had an R or a D by their name. One generation votes for the R, hoping something will change. Nothing does. The next generation votes for the D, hoping something will change. Again, nothing does. Both of their policies are almost identical, they just vary on a few things. But, the overall picture stays the same.

Unjust wars continue. Out of control spending continues. The murder of unborn babies continues. Shredding the Constitution to nothingness continues. The killing of innocent men, women & children continues. Stripping Americans of their liberty & freedom continues.  Authoritarianism continues. The prisons continue to swell with people who should not be there. The drug war continues. Nothing changes. And, so the same, sad story is told over and again in America, all for the political gain of whatever Party has been in control, whether it’s Republicans or Democrats.

So, yes, Mr. Weston, I’ll just sit here quietly and say nothing when our Party leaders & politicians continue to run roughshod over the Constitution & the voices of the people?! I think not!

As the Vice Chair of this county, I will not keep quiet, because I stand for truth. Speaking the truth is what’s right.  I will not “go along in order for us to get back on track”, because it.will.not.work. Appeasing men will get us nowhere. The truth hurts, but it is important and must be spoken.

-Qadoshyah Fish