I’m going to be sharing a series of articles by Tim Gillespie of OK2A. We as a people have to start taking more of a stand on issues and giving more accountability to those we’ve elected. Tim and OK2A are doing that and so I want to share his words with you all.

Dr. Shannon Grimes, Chairman

OK2A Hour

Over the next few days we will breakdown the 2014 State Legislative Session and let you know what happened, both good and bad.  There were a few successes this year.  We got the K-12 School Parking lot bill passed, which has been a long time coming.  We saw Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary’s veto of the NFA bill overridden.  Several procedural bills were passed and signed into law.  Also, Rep. O’Donnell’s bill updating the language on the use of deadly force, another bill vetoed by the Governor, was placed into another bill by the Speaker and passed, though as of Friday, it was still waiting to be signed by the Governor.

That seems pretty good, so why is this article about to take a negative turn?  Were it not for a handful of elected legislators and a couple of unelected special interests, it could have been a much, much better year.

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