This is part II of the series of articles by Tim Gillespie that I think you all should read. We as a people have to start taking more of a stand on issues and giving more accountability to those we’ve elected. Tim and OK2A are doing that and so I want to share his words with you all.

Dr. Shannon Grimes, Chairman

OK2A Hour

As I mentioned at the close of “Government For And By The Few, Part 1” we still had a chance to get HJR1026 out of the conference committee during the last week of the session.  Five Republican legislators stood in the way.  We told you we would name names, so here they are.  Senator Don Barrington (R-Lawton) and Representatives Dale DeWitt (R-Braman), Dustin Roberts (R-Bryan Co), Mike Christian (R-OKC), and Elise Hall (R-OKC) refused to sign the conference committee report (we will explain what a conference committee report is in a future article).  Representatives DeWitt’s and Dustin Roberts’ refusal to sign is bad enough, but I want to focus on Representatives Christian and Hall (we’ll deal with Senator Barrington in the next article).

Representative Christian had several excuses for why he would not sign. One of his excuses was that HJR1026 would allow illegal aliens to have firearms.  We reminded…

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