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Dec. 8th Meeting

​Labor Commissioner Mark Costello will be joining us next Monday, Dec 8th, 6:30pm, at the Armory here in Tahlequah.  Mark is one of those rare few that has actually made real strides in cutting spending, shrinking government, all while increasing efficiency and quality of service.

You can read some about what he has done here in this News Article.
New County Officers Elected
On Nov. 20th our County Committee voted to confirm two new officers for out county party.

Tonya Teaney has taken on the job of Vice Chairwoman and Judy Gamble has taken on the responsibilities of being our State Committee Woman, in addition to being our Treasurer.

We want to extend a huge thank you to these ladies for being willing to step up and serve.

I would also like to thank those from the County Committee, Executive Committee, and guests that attended the meetings where this party business was done.  That you all take time to participate is greatly appreciated.

Precinct Meetings and County Conventions
Coming up the morning of February 21st we will be holding our Precinct meetings and County Convention for the Cherokee County Republican Party.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more information as the details are worked out.

At this time the basic plan is to meet as precincts and handle precinct business then transition  into the county convention with a guest speaker to help with the transition.  We will also be looking into options for food and drink.

We’ll be forming a Convention Planning Committee to insure everything is set up and well organized.  If you would like to help by serving on the committee please let us know.

The upcoming meetings also means everyone needs to be considering if they would be interested in running for Precinct or County Party offices.

Precincts have Chair and Vice Chair elected at their meetings.  They serve on the County Committee which is the governing body for the County Party.

County officers are also up for election, Chair, Vice Chair, 2 State Committee persons, and 2 District Committee persons.

If any one has any questions please let us know.  I also hope to be writing up more detailed information on what these offices entail for those that may be interested.

Dr. Shannon Grimes, Chairman