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The Cherokee County Republican and Democratic Party Chairpersons have jointly prepared following questions for each of you.  If you would, please review the the questions and submit your answers to us within two weeks.  If you have questions or we may be of assistance, do not hesitate to contact either of us.
We would also like to ask for your permission to share your responses with the Tahlequah Daily Press, as well as posting the answers on our respective Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Most of you will have already received these questions via email though not having emails for all we will be hand delivering and/or mailing the questions to the rest.

Lastly, would you be interested in attending a jointly sponsored town hall meeting or open debate prior to the election?

Below are the questions.


Shannon Grimes, Chair Cherokee County Republicans
Dana Rogers, Chair Cherokee County Democrats

Candidate Questions
  1. Why are you seeking to become a City Council Member/Mayor?
  2.  What are your community ties and involvement?
  3.  What do you see as the Council/Mayor’s role and responsibilities?
  4.  What are the current challenges and coming challenges you see the community facing?
  5. What do you like, not like, and want to see changed in the city and with the City Council/Mayor’s office?
  6. What sets you apart from your opponent(s)?
  7. With the city being the center of business affecting the whole county what do you think the city can or should do to involve rural and tribal collaborations?
  8. Given recent issues with City offices, Departments, and associated institutions do you have any concerns regarding transparency and accountability within the city government?
  9. Many have raised questions regarding inequitable application of city ordinances. Do you see this as an issue and if so what do you see as a solution?
  10. City offices can be demanding and require a lot of attention. Do you have the time to serve with proper diligence if you are elected?
  11. Do you think you can balance real oversight with productive relationships with city employees, office holders, and associated institutions such as Tahlequah Mainstreet and the Chamber of Commerce?
  12. What ideas or plans do you have regarding growth of the city of Tahlequah?
  13. What is your view on the relationship of the city of Tahlequah with NSU and Cherokee Nation?
  14. What impact to you think the coming new Casino development by Cherokee Nation will have on Tahlequah?
  15. Have you ever been in a position of trust? If so, how did you approach the responsibility?
  16. Is there anything else you would like to bring to the attention of Tahlequah’s voters?