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Precinct meetings are where the rubber starts hitting the road with grassroots involvement in Republican Party politics and leadership.  It is the starting place of building relationships with and representing your community, particularly those registered as Republican.

Precinct Defined: The precinct is the geographical area assigned to vote at a particular voting location;  “a subdivision of a county, town, city, or ward for election purposes.”  Each such precinct is to have a committee, made up of citizens elected by other members of that precinct, to conduct the administrative affairs of the party.  At this time Cherokee County only has 4 organized precincts and they only organized in our last cycle.   This year we hope that many more of our precincts will meet and elect officers so that we can continue organizing and broadening the voice of Cherokee County Republicans both in local party business and electoral challenges.

Biennial Precinct Meetings:  Every two years Republicans from the precincts come together to handle several pieces of business and to participate first hand in grassroots politics and organization.

1) Elect Precinct Officers: These officers are a Precinct Chairman and a Precinct Vice Chairman, a Precinct Secretary, and a Precinct Treasurer, who may be the same person. These officers make up the Precinct Committee .

2) Elect Delegates to the County Convention:  Each precinct gets to elect delegates to the County Convention where County Officers and State Convention Delegates will be elected among other business.

3) Propose and vote on Resolutions and Republican platform changes.  Those passing advance to County Conventions for consideration.

What is the job of precinct officers?
The Precinct Committee is the supreme Republican
Party authority of each precinct and is charged with the duty of promoting the welfare and directing the affairs of the Republican Party in its precinct. The Precinct Chairman is the executive officer of the precinct delegates to any county convention and presides over precinct meetings throughout his or her term.  The Vice Chair assists the Chair and fills that role when the Chair is unable.

The Precinct Chair and Vice Chair also serve as part of the County Committee which is the governing body of the county party.  The County Committee makes decisions for the county party and gives direction to the county chairman.

The Bottom Line is that Precinct Meetings and Offices are the places where Republicans can start exerting their wishes and ideas on the Republican Party structure.  If you would like to have a place in determining what the Party officially “stands for” this is where to begin.

The Cherokee County Republican Party will be holding our Precinct Meetings the morning of February 21st in Tahlequah at the Municipal Armory building.  The meetings are expected to last 1-2 hours and will be followed by our County Convention at the same location.   More details will be forthcoming on the schedule for that day.

Please consider attending and accepting, or if there is competition, running for your Precinct offices.

It is important that the local party has many voices involved and participating in giving direction and reaching out to our communities.

When the Precinct Meetings are done the next step is the County Convention, which will be the topic of my next blog post.

Dr. Shannon Grimes, Chairman
Cherokee County Republican Party